Entry #5 Group Project Experience

Now that the group project is complete, the experience proved to be similar to working with others in my place of employment. Communication is very important so everyone understands their job in order to complete a project.  If someone is slacking or does not show up with their contribution, I will typically take it on or assign it to someone else in order to get the job done.

The most valuable thing I learned is that I need keep communication open even if I am the one to initiate it and sometimes people need direction so I will not hesitate to take charge of the situation.  I believe the assignment was useful for those that are not use to working with others because it may be part of their job at a later point in life.  The most challenging thing for myself is that I did not feel that I had a thorough review of my work from my peers because of everyone’s schedules.


Entry #5

I believe my group review is going good.  We chose a topic that everyone enjoys: coffee!  Specifically, Starbucks in comparison to its competitors.  I have been a big connoisseur of the different types of coffees over the past week.  I do enjoy being the main writer in the group but am having difficulty putting others paragraphs into the paper since people have different writing styles. To ensure our group’s success, everyone will need to be available by email and/or phone to discuss the formation and revising of the paper.  I also need them to individually speak up if they have any suggestions or disagree with anything going into the paper.  I am the main person trying to get everyone’s thoughts into the paper and contacting everyone in my group.  Our paper can be good if everyone will submit the information they have gathered on the different coffee shops in a timely manner so I can compile it.

Post #3 Revising & Polishing

What helped me most in revising and polishing my Inquiry Project 1 for my portfolio was reading my essay out loud.  I also tried to look at it as if I was reading it for the first time in order to make sure the series of events flowed together.  I appreciated the comments regarding transitioning into the next paragraphs because I tend to rush through my words and want to get to the main point too quickly.  I did remove some sentences and changed some words that were irrelevant to my story that I was trying to tell.

Post #2: Reflections on completing IP1

In deciding what I wanted to write my “I believe” essay on, I had a lot of thoughts run thru my mind such as fitness and health importance but I wanted to write about something different that people don’t really think of often. The subject of high heels came easy to me because I love all things “girly” and could relate to the feelings that the essay discussed. I also grew up around many people in the business field and felt very observant as to how they dressed and acted. Reading my essay aloud was not difficult for me as I have been involved with public volunteer work and speak to others regularly in public settings. I have also created fitness videos and uploaded them to YouTube prior to this so I knew the process and time that would go into that. I feel that my topic is something that women can relate to and I love bringing a different view to something that seems so ordinary.

Post #1: Chapter 1

After reading chapter 1, Writing as Inquiry, I now view writing as a process where it is okay to write badly or not as we were strictly taught in English classes prior. I originally believed that the key to being a better writer is to find your voice. While you can still discuss things that you are passionate about, this chapter has made me realize that you can find new ways to see things by starting with questions, not answers. I think this is most important as you set out to become a better writer because you open up the inquiry process and discover what answers there could be as you learn new information.